Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Carnival fun

10 days to go and we are looking pretty good for organization. Part of my evening was spent in phone calls, "Hello so-and-so, this is Kelley from the carnival committee, I am trying to fit all of the volunteers into the various slots we have for games and booths. Is there any thing in particular you were interested in helping out with". I talked to several nice people and left a ton of messages.

Since we are new at the school this year I am finding doing this carnival stuff a good way to meet some of the other parents, besides the ones I know because their kid is in Weezer's class.

This morning we had a fun time changing the sign out front! The work party was me, Leah, Nancy, Kim, and the principal, Mr. C. He held the ladder, Nancy passed Kim the letters to put up, Leah critiqued and went for coffee, and I made sure that Kaiser and Kim's 2 boys weren't running around the parking lot!

Friday, April 22, 2005

Seal Hunt

I am tired of people bitching about the seal hunt. I agree that it's pretty terrible. But it is not the way of life for the average Canadian. To the native people of northern Canada it is. There are also the unscrupulous non-Natives looking to make a buck. Those people I can see getting pissed at.

Non-Canadians might have a hard time understanding why the government of Canada "allows" the seal hunt to happen. It's rather hard to get into talks about treaty issues and the like in just my blog. The people of Nunavut govern themselves. Nunavut isn't a province, it's a territory. Now I have likely got all the political info not entirely correct, but that's the gist of it. Before you get your panties in a twist, Nunavut is only my example for the sake of this blog. Several other areas in north-eastern Canada are also involved. If you are concerned, check out several web sites by searching for "seal hunt". But, also check out any what any government web sites have to say. You will naturally get the most favorable spin, but come on, it's the government, right?
Just don't go entirely by what Greenpeace, etc. have to say.

Also, where the seal hunt is taking place is about 2700 kms away from where I live. Now check a map and look to somewhere 2700 kms away from you. What is happening there? Do you care?

I am not trying to be callous here. I am trying to be realistic. I can write letters and rant and scream about how horrible the seal hunt is. It will amount to the same thing as if I pissed into the wind; nothing. No one in Nunuvut cares about what me in BC thinks. No one in Nunavut cares what anyone in the US/Britain/Australia/Germany, etc. think. Go ahead and not eat Canadian fish. Maybe you will feel better.

Now all 30-odd million of my fellow Canadians, may or may not think like me. Some care more passionately about it than I do, and some give even less of a rat's ass than I do. Just don't lump us all into the same category.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Here's a morbid one!

You scored as Natural Causes. Your death will be by natural causes, though not by any diseaese, because that is another option on this test. You will probably just silently pass away in the night from old age, and people you love won't realize until the next morning, when you are all purple and cold and icky.

Natural Causes






















Cut Throat




How Will You Die??
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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Election nonsense

I have been thinking about all of the goings on in Parliament lately. It seems to be that the opposition parties are pushing for an election. Now I do not claim to know much about politics, but I do not want to go back to the polls after only 1 year just because Stephen Harper smells blood in the water.

I am no fan of the Tories, but I do usually vote for Chilliwack's Tory MP because he's not such a bad sort and appears to have some brains in his head. I live in a conservative town and he is going to win any election that happens around here, no matter which way I vote. However, if I am forced to vote in another federal election so close to the last one, I am going to vote for Chilliwack's Liberal candidate out of spite.

Yes I know that is small and petty of me. I am not looking at the big picture, yada, yada. I don't care. Last year's election messed up the date of my daughter's Kindergarten grad because her school gym was a polling place. Oh boo hoo, you say? I happen to think that my daughter is more important and more intelligent than all the empty-headed, posturing, my-way-or-the-highway politicians in Ottawa, put together!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Hi again, I'm back. The motherboard kicked it last Wed. and I was off-line for a week. Might as well cut my arm off as that.

Anyways we had a great time in Harrison Hot Springs for our anniversary. It bucketed rain though. We had a fun dinner with Bertha and Bav and their hubbies. That was riot girls, definitely we'll be doing that again!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Another quiz!

Various people have done this quiz ( thanks Annette, Cathy, Dana, Belinda ) so here is my result:
Your Inner European is Irish!

Sprited and boisterous!
You drink everyone under the table.

Who's" Your Inner European?

Hmm, not exactly a big surprise since I do have more than a drop of Irish blood in my veins.

Almost 10 years ago....

Friday is our 10th anniversary. Ten years ago today was our rehearsal dinner. This weekend we are going to Harrison Hot Springs and my folks are coming to look after the kids. I can't wait to get away. Toni and I need some "us" time.

We had a lovely wedding. It was a lot of fun and our guests asked us if we could do it again the following year because they had such a good time. Toni and I didn't go off to our hotel room until the wee hours. We were partying too hard to want to leave. There were no major problems with anything, just minor glitches ( like the flowers just barely beating me to the chapel ). Neither of us are control freaks though so the minor glitches stayed minor. No Bridezilla for me! The weather co-operated too, except for a stiff breeze that had us bare-armed people a little goose-bumpy. The guys of course were fine in their tuxes.

We decided not to do anything major present-wise. We've been buying some stuff for the house, and that is good enough. Last week I bought him some shirts, just because. Yesterday he gave me a dozen roses, the really dark purply-red ones, my favorite! It's nice to get flowers and to buy him things too, but our marriage isn't about "stuff".

We've had a mostly great 10 years and I would marry him again in a heartbeat. He's my best friend and I love him to death.

On to the next 10 years!

PS-Sorry about the odd colours, I was using my wedding theme colours.

Monday, April 11, 2005

My new space

I am talking about not just houses here, although that’s part of it. I was thinking of this the other day. I had a moment of “hey my life is reasonably okay right now.” Naturally there is still the usual madness going on but I am not as bothered as I can sometimes be. Sometimes the being bothered is entirely my own doing and there really isn’t anything bad going on. Maybe I really am a pessimist, not an optimist, and I am only happy if I am bitching about something.

Anyway, I was thinking of where we are living right now. The house is coming along to be closer to how WE want it, not the previous owners’ concept of décor. What is up with the sanitorium-green moulding and window sills? Gardening is actually kind of fun, and my biceps are loving the whole lugging soil around project. I have joined in battle with the weeds and so far I am winning by a slight margin.

As for Chilliwack, I finally feel as if we really belong here. We’ve now lived here for 7 years and I don’t miss Richmond a bit. At first when we moved I kind of did, but not anymore. I have changed my view of the North Shore mountains to my views of Mt. Cheam and other surrounding mountains. I smell cow and horse poo instead of low tide and aviation fuel.

We have great friends here, I like my daughter’s school, and I have met some really nice ladies from the Parent Advisory Council, who have made me feel welcome. We live close enough to walk to the river, the ice rink, the rec centre, and various other places that we often run errands at. Good for my waistline!

So this is nice post for a change. Maybe next time I will find something to bitch about again.

Friday, April 08, 2005

So cute!

This morning we did the usual round of getting ready for school. The kids got dressed and we organized Kyra's backpack, then I went in the shower. When I got out I could hear them talking. I got dressed and checked Kyle's room. He has about 3 feet of space between his bed and the wall. Kyra had her desk lamp on, and they were sitting on the floor snuggling in his Spiderman fleece blanket. Kyra was reading him "Green Eggs and Ham".

What a good big sister!

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Finally done!

At long last the RL Drafting web page is finished! Much slogging away and reading of the Dreamweaver book and it is up and running. Some minor tweaking ahead when everyone gets a look, but for the most part I am done.


Tuesday, April 05, 2005

My "kind of" job is now real!

For the last couple of years I have been doing some data entry stuff for Toni's company. It's just the boring drudgery stuff that nobody else wants to do. I have also been the company "web designer", which is just basically messing around with new pictures occasionally.

I am now in the process of totally redoing the web site though. Thank God for the Dreamweaver book! I like the program a lot, it's pretty easy to use. There is still a lot of stuff to slog through though. I also need some info from Toni before I can go much further to finish each page. Then there is linking all the pages together and uploading to their server. One step at a time....

To see what the web site currently looks like ( and orginally done by Toni himself with Microsoft Frontpage- the old version ) go to R.L. Drafting.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Weekend thoughts and activities

May Pope John Paul II rest in peace. He truly deserves it for his long life of dedicated service. I am not Catholic and I am barely Christian, but I do think he was a very decent man and I admired him.

For a more mundane change of pace... I pulled weeds in the front garden and Kyra was very helpful with digging up the lava rock. Kyle did it for 5 minutes and then fooled around in the garage with the hockey sticks. There is something viciously satisfying about yanking up weeds. It's a good way to vent some stress! I am trying a new trick to kill the weeds in between concrete segments of the driveway. I read somewhere that you pour boiling water on them. I got one application of water on some of them. When I bent down in the front hallway to plug in the kettle for application #2, my not-so-reliable right knee popped out of place for a few seconds. Ouch! The rest of the weeds will have to wait!

My father-in-law told me of another idea but you have to do it when the temperature outside is really hot. You make a mixture of dish soap, salt and vinegar and plop it on the weeds. I will have to ask him the proportions and try it in the summer.

Toni is back from the US tomorrow. Hopefully he and Dad had a productive weekend of deck-building at the trailer.

Friday, April 01, 2005

A productive evening

My friend Lisa had her CM workshop last night. I only got one page side done, but I was very un-inspired with the pictures and I was glad to get at least those ones done. I also sorted out my paper and got my binder a bit more organized.

I am still not that inspired to do any work on my scrapbook by myself. Sometimes it's productive and sometimes it's just too boring. I think I will be stitching for a while and taking a cropping break, except for National Scrapbook Day at the end of the month.

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