Friday, April 22, 2005

Seal Hunt

I am tired of people bitching about the seal hunt. I agree that it's pretty terrible. But it is not the way of life for the average Canadian. To the native people of northern Canada it is. There are also the unscrupulous non-Natives looking to make a buck. Those people I can see getting pissed at.

Non-Canadians might have a hard time understanding why the government of Canada "allows" the seal hunt to happen. It's rather hard to get into talks about treaty issues and the like in just my blog. The people of Nunavut govern themselves. Nunavut isn't a province, it's a territory. Now I have likely got all the political info not entirely correct, but that's the gist of it. Before you get your panties in a twist, Nunavut is only my example for the sake of this blog. Several other areas in north-eastern Canada are also involved. If you are concerned, check out several web sites by searching for "seal hunt". But, also check out any what any government web sites have to say. You will naturally get the most favorable spin, but come on, it's the government, right?
Just don't go entirely by what Greenpeace, etc. have to say.

Also, where the seal hunt is taking place is about 2700 kms away from where I live. Now check a map and look to somewhere 2700 kms away from you. What is happening there? Do you care?

I am not trying to be callous here. I am trying to be realistic. I can write letters and rant and scream about how horrible the seal hunt is. It will amount to the same thing as if I pissed into the wind; nothing. No one in Nunuvut cares about what me in BC thinks. No one in Nunavut cares what anyone in the US/Britain/Australia/Germany, etc. think. Go ahead and not eat Canadian fish. Maybe you will feel better.

Now all 30-odd million of my fellow Canadians, may or may not think like me. Some care more passionately about it than I do, and some give even less of a rat's ass than I do. Just don't lump us all into the same category.

The biggest problem is that the seals are just too damn cute with those big wide eyes. It never gets reported how much of a nuisance it is to have them in the area.

It's funny how nobody ever complains about the treatment of lobsters. Too tasty, I guess.
Check out my March 23 NO so fact filled like yours. But you get the idea.
I don't think the issue at hand is the native people of the north hunting seals. It's part of their way of life. They use all of the seal, whereas the seal hunters we've been hearing about now simply kill the cubs for their pelts and leave them. I was forced to watch a CBC documentary in junior high school called "Sea of Slaughter". From that day, I've been appalled at the seal hunt.
no baby whitecoats are killed but the animal groups keep showing the pics of baby whitecoats.that's their way to rake in the bucks.thank god i don't have to harvest seals for a's hard work but to those who have too,i hope you have a safe harvest this those of you who don't understand our culture here and how we survive,start looking at your might not be exactly just perfect yourselves.
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