Saturday, June 30, 2007

Finally another cross stitch photo

For what is supposed to be a blog about my hobbies as well as general life, I am kind of sucking at both topics right now.

I had planned to get a few things accomplished this month but then I got busier than I thought. This Alaska sampler is now at 62 hours completed. It's getting pretty close to being done.

My sewing machine began to make a scary clunking noise so it is now being fixed. So much for getting the pillow finished that I have been working on forever. My "to finish completely" list is almost as big as my "cross stitch in progress" list.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Camping was a blast!

In spite of the rain yesterday we had a great time camping with the gang from T's office. His boss/partner R and his wife came along, but stayed at a B&B on the other side of the lake.

Far too much food was consumed of course. There are 3 Filipino coworkers who cooked up a bunch of fantastic stuff. Eva just came for the day yesterday and she made up 60 skewers of pork satay for us to have for lunch. There was a ton left over obviously so we had them for dinner too. We also had the usual chili dogs and smokies either on the fire or various bbqs.

The younger part of the group ( twenty-somethings ) made several "bucket" drinks. Literally a plastic pail like you would use for a sand castle, filled with a 26 oz. bottle of some hard liquor ( the first one was Malibu rum ), various juices and ginger-ale, Sprite, or similar. A couple of handfuls of ice, 6 or 8 straws and voila! They tried to use the plastic shovel that came with the bucket to scoop out the bottom. T went and got them a ladle instead which worked better.

The rain dried up by around dinner time yesterday so we could sit around the campfire comfortably at night. We did the usual amount of tarping to stay dry though the rest of the time. Tarp ability is a must if you camp in BC.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad

My father-in-law Helmut is 74 today. This photo was taken on our lanai in Hawaii. Opa and the kids are having a little bit of fruit for breakfast for one morning.

Monday, June 04, 2007

This little piggy...

is going to be donated to Canada Division of the Angel Quilt Project. Sorry about the blurry photo. I just finished up putting the white petite seed beads in his bandana in lieu of French knots. I loathe French knots!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Wasn't that party!

That was a fun time as usual. This year there were no crazy stories though, everyone was too well-behaved! Several of the group went off to party afterwards as well, which quieted things down a bit. One of the girls is turning 30 tomorrow so they wanted to go and party with her. I imagine they had a good time, knowing them! And I was totally not offended that they left. T and I run our summer BBQ sort of like an open house and people can come and go as they like.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Blog traffic

Since Blog Patrol seems to be functioning again I will shamelessly steal an idea from the Wonderful Whiz. I have been wondering who has been here lately but couldn't tell. I don't get a ton of people here but below it the Blog Patrol result of my "Last 10 keywords". Results were either from Google or Yahoo searches.

wonderingsfromthewack (2) I have mentioned my blog around various bulletin boards lately and it seems as if at least 2 people have tried a search to find it.

trevor linden ( 2) Obviously from my previous post.

8 wack wack condos ( 1 ) What the heck is that about?

kelley ( 1 ) People searching for kelleys of the world it would appear.

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