Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Busy September

Damn it! How did 3 weeks go by without me blogging. I get slack occasionally, but not usually 3 weeks. Anyhoo, here is how Sept. has shaped up so far and the few things left that we have to do before a hopefully quieter October arrives.

-The beginning of school is always a time when we are off and running right away. Our PAC has been busy getting organized for the school year as well. My little guy is in Grade 1 now so that means 2 lunches need to be made every night. It's nice to have a bit extra free time. I can get a couple of extra chores done.

-My nephew T turned 4 on the 12th. We went to my sister's for dinner on the 16th to celebrate. We also popped in on our friends I and L to check out their new place. They bought a house not too far from where my sister moved into her townhouse.

-My oldest child Weezie was 9 on Monday. Where the hell did all that time go! We went out for dinner with my folks and sister. Her birthday party with her friends was at the wave pool on the 14th. This past weekend we went camping in honour of her birthay as well. Last Friday was a bit damp but the rest of the time was nice. Thank God for a trailer with heat though.

-On Friday my father-in-law moves out of his house in Richmond after 51 years and moves about 2 km from us.

-On Sat. T and I are going to drop off the kids with my Mom and Dad in Ladner and then we are heading for Richmond for our 20th high school reunion. The party is at the Richmond Inn so we are staying over at the hotel. A bunch of us are going for brunch the next morning. Then we have to pick up the kids and head home.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

All done!

I have to paint white in the white flowers ( they are still primer, you can tell up close ) and touch up a few areas with Tickled Pink. My daughter has moved back in and got herself organized. The green now has a few posters on it!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Working on flower petals

My sister and I worked on the flower petals this afternoon. I have to free-hand paint in the white petals with a small brush. I did 2 of them already, but it's rather slow going. The top photo is me. I took more photos of them done before Weezie's bed went back in, but I won't be posting those for a couple of days.

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