Monday, September 26, 2005

House of sick

Weezie is out of school today, due to a slight fever and far too much coughing. Kaiser seems to have gotten over his germs and could have gone swimming today. Sorry Bud, but your sister can't go.

I spent Saturday's party fairly heavily drugged. Yesterday was a quiet day in hopes that we would feel better. Today I feel like I have been hit by a train. I can't do anything at school today and I've abandoned Nancy to doing bingo all by herself tonight.

Let's hope tomorrow is better.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

She's 7 today!

Happy Birthday Peanut! Nurse Heather called all of the new-borns in the hospital by that nickname and it has stuck.

Now she's off shopping and to the Liquor Store ( 12 years too early for that! ) with Daddy. I will be getting started on some house cleaning. 20 or so people coming over later, including Bav and Bertha.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

23rd post 5th sentence is....

"At one point just Sammy was on stage and he did "Eagles Fly" ( or is it "Where Eagles Fly"? I always forget. ) and "55" of course."

This is from my post about the Van Halen concert on Oct. 24th last year. That was great! Thanks to Erica's blog for this little blogbit and instructions.

Monday, September 19, 2005

News from Ireland, some of it not good!

I got an email from my folks in the wee hours of Monday morning ( Tuesday morning in Ireland ) and here it is copied verbatim. All of the dumb spelling is my dad's. He taught math for 36 years, not English...

"Hi guysWE are in limerick and are just about to leave for cork.we are going to the town of adare and then around the ring of kerry.Dublin was great, very interesting .Belfast had a lot of trouble going on. There was a car petrol bombed outside our hotel one night and the next morning there was a demonstration out side with 6 cop cars in full riot gear but nothing happened. Have pictures to show.Yesterday we drove from belfast to here. we stopped in galway and got photos of galway time is running down (15min for 1 euro) so will say goodbyeyou cant send anything this way as we will not be here (obviously)i will try again when we are in wales or england
dad and mom"

Bav's house!

I met up with Andrea and her girls this morning. She almost ran us over in front of Fabricland...

Thanks a million for the house tour and lunch honey! Your place is going to be so fab. It's already a very welcoming house and it will only get better.

The recipes were very illuminating. I will be borrowing cook books off you. Please fee free to do the same.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

TV and other things

First off, I watched the premiere of "Bones" last night. I am a Kathy Reichs fan so I wanted to see how the show worked. Too bad they didnt' actually set it in Montreal like most of her books are. However I thoought it was fairly good for first show. The plot was a little thin and I figured it out after about 15 minutes, so I hope they get trickier in other shows. David Boreanaz is of course a delicious bit of eye candy. It was nice to see him be slightly more animated than his brooding-cursed vampire bit on "Angel" and "Buffy". The 5 o'clock shadow was nice too. Rather hard to see that on vampires.

Aquafit class this morning rocked. Dee is a complete sadist though. She is my kids' swimming instructor as well and I really like her. Kyle had a fun time in the daycare play room and was a very good boy. Charlene was impressed with how good he was for his first time. I guess my month and a half of psyching him up did some good! Next time I must remember to bring him a snack though. I'll try to go on Mon. Friday there is class but I will be at the school doing the Terry Fox Run with Kyra.

Monday, September 12, 2005

She's in the split!

I am very pleased that Weezer is in the 2/3 split. I like her teacher, she's firm but fair. There are 18 kids in the class, and it's almost an exact split between the 2 grades. She has one boy from her Grade 1 class with her and one of her buddies that was in a different Grade 1 class. I'll know more after school as it was a bit confusing this morning.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Still no teacher....

Good grief it looks like Monday now! The school has apparantly lost more kids than we thought, and that's made it harder to put everyone into their class. It looks like we might lose a couple of teachers too.

A little background here. In the area of my daughter's school there is the former CFB Chilliwack. The portion of Permanent Married Quarters housing ( circa 1950 ) is being completely redeveloped. New houses and townhouses are going in. Many of the older houses are being moved, gutted and totally redone. Many of the families that lived in the PMQ houses have had to move as the new development of Garrison Crossing gets further underway. They were renting the houses from the Feds and most can't afford to move into the new houses. Last year the enrollment was about 450. Last Tuesday it was at 389. Now we have more like 350, because people moved and forgot to take their kid off of our list.

The school district has a policy of not placing kids in class immediately, but having them rotate through their grade's teachers throughout the day. The idea is that it is less disruptive to the students when numbers have to be changed around. I actually agree with the policy but last year Weezer got her class on Friday. She is totally fine with moving around the school so I am not worried about her at all. It's just rather frustrating to not be organized and ready to go.

I see this happening for 2 or 3 more years. There will be a period of flux as the development progresses and more people move in. In 5 years our school will probably be packed to the rafters.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Bit by the Zip curse!

Agh! Laura they got me too! Guess what I got in the mail today? Buffy Season 2 Disc 3! Naturally I do not have 1 and 2 yet. So I went and upped my membership to the "4 at a time" one and immediately put them on ASAP. They sent out 1 yesterday so I may get it by the 14th.

I also took your advice and dumped anything on my list that wasn't Disc 1 of whatever.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Happy Labour Day

We've had lovely family day today. We went down to the Vedder River to go for a walk and to see if any fish were around yet. Unfortunately not, but we had a nice walk anyway. Toni's new good spot is at the end of Bergman Rd. on the south side of the river. It's about half a kilometre east of the train bridge. The dog had a marvelous time splashing around and going for a swim.

Then we drove through Yarrow to go have ice cream at the Coast Mountain Dairy. It's on No. 3 Rd, just east of Boundary. They make the ice cream themselves and you can get 2 generous scoops on a waffle cone for $2.50.

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