Wednesday, September 14, 2005

TV and other things

First off, I watched the premiere of "Bones" last night. I am a Kathy Reichs fan so I wanted to see how the show worked. Too bad they didnt' actually set it in Montreal like most of her books are. However I thoought it was fairly good for first show. The plot was a little thin and I figured it out after about 15 minutes, so I hope they get trickier in other shows. David Boreanaz is of course a delicious bit of eye candy. It was nice to see him be slightly more animated than his brooding-cursed vampire bit on "Angel" and "Buffy". The 5 o'clock shadow was nice too. Rather hard to see that on vampires.

Aquafit class this morning rocked. Dee is a complete sadist though. She is my kids' swimming instructor as well and I really like her. Kyle had a fun time in the daycare play room and was a very good boy. Charlene was impressed with how good he was for his first time. I guess my month and a half of psyching him up did some good! Next time I must remember to bring him a snack though. I'll try to go on Mon. Friday there is class but I will be at the school doing the Terry Fox Run with Kyra.

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