Sunday, June 26, 2005

Our resident wildlife.

Last night when we got home from dinner, we noticed something zip really quickly under the bushes at the front of the house. I say to Toni, "I hope that was a bird" because I am immediately thinking of rats or something equally nasty. He goes and ruffles the bush and out pops a tiny brown bunny! He says, "See, I told you we had a bunny" ( I thought I was shitting me ). There are whole bunch of wild bunnies down near the river and since we live maybe a kilometre away, I guess one of them got adventurous and went exploring. There are a lot of dogs around here, so we'll see if he decides to stay or not.

We also have a resident blue jay. He's quit the arrogant thing and sits around preening and taunting the dog. This morning he was sitting one on of the kids's swings and slipped and nearly fell off. The bird feeder that Lisa and Earle gave us is still sitting on the ground near the hot tub, since we haven't figured out where to hang it yet. The finches are happy, they go inside and are safe. The jay is too big to fit, but he cleans up everything falls out of the feeder and down the concrete steps.

I'll lurk around with the camera one day and try to get his picture.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

New favorite restaurant.

We got a sitter for the kids this evening and tried out Jacksons over on Vedder. We had a very nice dinner at a very reasonable price. Toni had a 14 oz. rib eye and I had roast duck. My dinner was $20.88 and his was $22.88. You get soup or Caesar salad with your dinner and sourdough bread. We also had appetizers ( which you don't need or you will be too full ) and a 1/2 litre of wine. The bill was just over $85. If you didn't have wine or appies you could get a really good dinner for 2 people for around $50. Toni also got scallops with his steak for a few $$ extra. He had roast potatoes and I had roasted garlic mashed ( a big delicious mound of them ). I was expecting a duck breast but I actually got half a duck, not fancy, just perfectly roasted and falling off the bone, drizzled with a little bit of burgundy demi glace.

Andrea, you and Greg gotta come with us on date night, you'll love it!

( PS - our new sitter is just adorable and very good. I just wish she was a tiny bit older. However she's very responsible and they just live around the corner. Her mom was home, just in case. )

Friday, June 24, 2005

Thanks Laura for the great tip from your blog! T and I have signed up for the "2 DVD" option. I did it this morning and already we have an email saying a DVD is being shipped.

Here's the scoop: We pay $18.95 a month to get 2 DVDs shipped to us at a time, maximum 4 a month. Our subscription can be cancelled at the end of the month, as they do month-by-month billing. If we like it, then we might change to the unlimited per month version for $24.95.

So stay tuned for how we like it, and possible movie reviews ( but only if we REALLY liked it or REALLY hated it, because I am lazy at heart.)

Oh, here's the link:

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Scrubbed, exfoliated and emulsified!

Just tried out my sample pack hostess gift from my spa party last night. Gotta love that brown sugar scrub! I am definitely getting the big jar asap.

The kids and I did our feet this afternoon with the margarita stuff. Weezer and I have done it before but Little Bro wanted to try it. He thought it was cool, but he didn't want to keep his feet in the water very long.

Now that I am soft and smooth and smell fabulous, we will see how the rest of the evening goes....

Monday, June 20, 2005

7 school days to go!

Whew! I have 2 more school-related "jobs" that I have to do. Leah and I meet with the Entertainment Book guy tomorrow at 12:30, and next Monday we serve cake and coffee at the Grade 6 "grad".

In other news, we had a fun time at the folks' trailer for Father's Day. Mom and Dad bought the place at
Black Mountain Ranch in Kendall/Maple Falls/Deming, Washington, a couple of years ago. It's a quick 40 minute trip for us if the Sumas border crossing isn't busy. It was nice warm day and we just hung around and relaxed and then Dad grilled some steaks. Yum! We were home by 8:45 or so.

Friday, June 17, 2005

This and that

This morning's field trip to Cultus Lake was fun. Kaiser and I went with Nancy in her van while Kyra was on the bus with her class. The nature walk was cool, except for all the slugs. After our picnic lunch we had a scavenger hunt, which was partly for garbage. A fun way to get the kids to do some tidying up! However it's been pretty cool lately so no one has come to the Maple Bay picnic area and dropped: a piece of string, a popsicle stick, or a piece of newspaper. My group got the yellow flower ( buttercups all over the place ), a shiny piece of paper, a smooth white rock, a bottle cap, and a straw.

Sis came over for dinner and then we went shopping. Nice to be without children! Got Dad some BBQ utensils for him to use at the trailer. Also got a birthday gift for Bav's son who is 6 today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY B-MAN!!!!

I have been madly trying to organize a distributor list for the AQP. Since it's too hard for me to send quilts all over the country I have split it up into areas ( or sometimes just one hospital ) for others to be the delivery person. I will be doing Surrey Memorial, Royal Columbian, and Children's. Possibly Alberta Childrens by mail if neither of the Calgary members can do it. I need more members!

TTFN, more posting on Monday hopefully!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Should I do minutes?

Nah! The last PAC meeting of the year is at Fogg 'n Sudds tonight. Think I'll leave the clipboard and note paper at home...

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Scrapbook photos

I took a couple of pictures of some of my recent scrapbook pages and put them in my Webshots album. As mentioned in a previous blog entry, I am currently working on a CM Premiere album that will be ( when completely finished ) photos from the summer of 1989 to late 1991.

It's kind of tricky to take photos of photos but if you follow the link you can get a general idea. I have done some more pages since these ones, so I may take some more pictures if I get inspired and think some layouts look good enough.

I think you can click on the thumbnails in Webshots and make them bigger.

Sorry everyone, it's been awhile since I used web shots and I forgot to use my "public" page. I've fixed the link so try it again.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Still here!

No I haven't dropped off the planet. Just busy at school this week with various lunches, etc. Sorry Bertha that Cay wasn't well on Thursday. Kyle played happily while we ate, and charmed the pants off everyone.

I am also on a major roll with the scrapbook. Unfortunately for my chequing account, but good for my Creative friend's.

Today was spent going over our ensuite bathroom ( like cleaning the window track, etc. ) and digging out from Mt. Laundry.

More interesting blogs this weekend I hope!

Monday, June 06, 2005


I just finished reading Sylvia Browne's book "Secrets and Mysteries of the World", which was interesting but not any more revealing to me than "Chariots of the Gods" was. Unfortunately I forget the authors name... Eric Something. However, books are not today's topic.

I got to thinking about why I find psychics, ESP, ghosts, etc. rather fascinating. I do not doubt that Ms. Browne and many other people have the talent to see and hear other-wordly things. It's rather like being good at math, or able to draw really well ( 2 things I suck at ). I suppose that's why I find the subject interesting. I am not very intuitive and I have never "felt" anything, so I think that I have the psychic ability of plastic.

I have heard all about famous haunted places and I wouldn't mind visiting them, just for curiousity's sake. I'd love to stay on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA. It would be neat to be on the historic ship, but I doubt anything interesting would happen. I'd probably be so astonished, that I'd be scared, or fascinated, or both.

Graveyards at night hold no terror for me, except the physical. With my bad knees, occasional vertigo, and ability to trip on spit I would probably wind up getting hurt somehow. Conversations with the departed inhabitants would be interesting, and a way to kill time until the paramedics arrive. However my time killers would be to sit there, cold and more than likely damp, and very bored.

So how about it? Any "sensitive" people around? Or any others like me, who's psychic talent is about on par with the psychic talent of Tupperware?

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Camping, and still dry!

We spent Friday night and last night at Cultus Lake. It's nice living close to where we can camp ( like a 15 minute drive close ).

Thanks to Toni's strategic tarping, we didn't get wet. The whole weekend was actually dry until this morning. The last things to get taken down were the 2 tarps, so everything else is bone dry. There are seveal pieces of damp rope as well but that's it.

The kids had a great time and are dying to go again.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Finished 1991!

I put away my stitching for a while and put all my scrapbook stuff out on the dining room table. I am doing a "blast from the past" album right now. I will be adding 1989 and 1990 to it as well. It's fun going down memory lane and looking at how young and skinny I was!

For those that care, it's a Creative Memories Premiere album, colour - champagne.

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