Sunday, June 12, 2005

Scrapbook photos

I took a couple of pictures of some of my recent scrapbook pages and put them in my Webshots album. As mentioned in a previous blog entry, I am currently working on a CM Premiere album that will be ( when completely finished ) photos from the summer of 1989 to late 1991.

It's kind of tricky to take photos of photos but if you follow the link you can get a general idea. I have done some more pages since these ones, so I may take some more pictures if I get inspired and think some layouts look good enough.

I think you can click on the thumbnails in Webshots and make them bigger.

Sorry everyone, it's been awhile since I used web shots and I forgot to use my "public" page. I've fixed the link so try it again.

It did not work.
Curses it will not let me look- it's 9:42 pm- don't make me come over there. :)
like the ladies said - it won't let us in because we "are not the owner of the album, and not logged in" Nice thought though, it would be cool to see.
Sorry guys! Please check out the italicized bit that I edited.
Ok it worked and looks great! Good job girl!
Very nice ! :)
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