Monday, May 28, 2007

Trevor Linden photo

This photo was taken in Honolulu by T's brother-in-law Tom ( in Hawaiian shirt ). A few family members stayed in Honolulu for a few days before flying to Kaua'i for the wedding. At some point they met Linden and Roberto Luongo. I think Tom said it was at Honolulu airport. It's hard to tell from the photo but it's either the airport or Ala Moana Centre mall!

Trevor Linden is a class guy all the way and he graciously allowed the photo. Perhaps because our nephew Ryan was wearing his Cancuks t-shirt? The little girl is Ryan's son Jayden ( great-neice of T and myself ).

Happy Birthday Lisa!

My significantly-younger friend is 31 today! We have been friends for 9 years now, ever since we moved into adjacent townhouses 2 weeks apart. I was 3 months pregnant with Weezer when we moved in and our phone didn't get connected right away. I knocked on her door to borrow her phone to find a new doctor, and the rest is history.

Many best wishes Dahling!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Phew! Finished!

Yesterday was the carnival/fun night at my kids' school. Six months of work was over in 3 hours. We had a good turnout and I think the students had fun. The grilling of food ourselves went smoothly. There were many comments about how organized we were. The whole night went well. There were the usual exceptions of middle school kids not showing up for their volunteer shift, or being useless as tits on a bull when they did. Fortunately enough parents were willing to step in and help even though they didn't volunteer in the first place. Some Grade 6s were shits and tried to either steal prizes or try to get them for free. Others worked their butts off ( one boy in particular worked at the BBQs all night and another stayed until 9:30 cleaning up ).

The parents' room is a disaster though. Monday will be clean up and put stuff away day.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Cross stitch pic this time.

I was working on Angel of the Sea for a while before we went away. Just after I got back I finished up a few more minutes of work to get her to the 200 hour mark.

200 hours is kind of a rough estimate though since I don't use a stopwatch to time myself. It works good enough for me though.

The design is almost to the bottom in the very centre. I was mainly working on that area of waves and the bottom of her dress. When I pick her up again I have to finish off some white on the bird ( left side of dress ) and the work on the surrounding waves. I figure I have another 50 hours or so of work. Then I have tuck in somewhere the names and birthdates of my neice and nephew.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

An anniversary and a wedding

The anniversary is today, my parent's 41st. They are down in Washington State at their trailer. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

The wedding is the reason we went to Hawaii in the first place.
- The top photo is our 2 kids and our great-neice Jayden ( in pink ), the neice of the bride.
-Jane and Tom walk Sonya down the aisle.
-The best man is Brad, Mark's buddy and the lady in the green muu muu is their marriage comissioner.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Beach shot

Just in front of the Hanalei Colony Resort is this beach. Across the small bay you can see a point of land to the right. Past that point until the next point of land in the distance is Hanalei Bay. On the point of land in the distance are ( among other hotels/condos ) are the Princeville Resort and the Hanalei Bay Resort.

Another photo

This photo sort of shows the living room of our condo unit. Not all of the units have the same furniture, but all are tropical in design. All are 2 bedroom unit and have virtually the same layout. The units are owned and the resort works sort of like a management company in that they rent out the units to guests. If you click on the resort link in my post of the 17th it explains about the accomodations.

My Weezie was happy with her blue floatie mattress for the pool.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hanalei Colony Resort

The resort is where we stayed on Kaua'i. It was nice and quiet, not fancy, just comfortable. There are 7 or 8 4-plex buildings ( 2 units on the bottom and 2 on the top ) at the resort. We were in Building D, which overlooked a large grassy area and then the ocean in the distance. D2 was the lower level unit in this photo. Hanalei is on the north shore of the island so the waves can be pretty rough. Several beaches nearby have calm enough areas for swimming. The beach just off of the resort wasn't too bad, but we just stuck to walking around in the surf and making sand castles. The kids didn't like getting all covered with sand, so they preferred the pool. I walked on the beach a bit, but it was quite windy most of the time. The one time I did go in the water was the morning of the wedding, last Thursday the 10th. I had to dump several pounds of sand out of my tankini bottom afterward.


Kauai was fabulous! We got back Tuesday afternoon after a long trip home via LA. The wedding was beautiful and the weather cooperated. It was a little windy however, which made Sonya's veil a bit challenging for her. T has already uploaded photos so I will be posting some over the next little while.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Bare Toes party layout

Our nephew Brady graduated from Summerland Secondary School in 2005. T's sis had a big family bash to celebrate that and of course Canada Day. Sue called it "The Bare Toes Party" so naturally we all had to lay on the grass with our toes in the air for a photo op!
The oval photo in the middle unfortunately got a bit of camera flash on it when I took the picture of the layout. It is 4 chickens with cans of beer up inside them on Phil's BBQ.
I am the woman in the red top with a beer in her hand. Next to me is Phil, T's brother-in-law. The other 2 photos are of my son with his big cousins Joel, Lynsi ( brother and sister of Brady ) and Sonya ( daughter of T's other sister ).

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Another layout photo

I made this double-page spread of some painting, gardening and building projects that we did in the months after we bought our house. The gardening and tools stickers are Creative Memories. I bought the paint brush and can die-cuts ( left side ) from a scrapbook store in Abbotsford across from SevenOaks mall. I forget the name of the store. The bolt, screw, etc. letters are from Michael's but I can't remember the brand name of them.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A child-hood friend is gone.

I got an email yesterday from Suzy Snapper who is on comittee for our 20th Grad Reunion. She has been trying to get hold of a bunch of people and she just found out that Brenda had died on April 9th. Suzy put the obit on the reunion message board and it just said that she died after a long illness.

While we were in elementary school, Brenda lived in the house behind ours. I used to climb the fence to go play at her house. We had many sleep-overs. Our dads would yack over the fence. Her older sister was my baby-sitter for a while. I have fond memories of endless board games at her kitchen table.

We were friends in Junior High too, but her family moved a few blocks away when we were in Grade 9. Brenda didn't actually graduate with our class in Grade 12. Her family moved to Nanaimo part-way through the year. Suzy wanted to get in touch with her to invite her to the reunion anyway.

My mom ran into her mom a few times several years ago. Mom and Dad lived in a townhouse complex in Richmond from 1998 to 2003. During that time Mr. and Mrs. B. lived in the same neighbourhood and would see each other from time to time. Mrs. B. told my mom that Brenda had moved to Alberta. That was the last I heard of her. She was living in Canmore at the time of her death.

There is a service this Sat. in Abbotsford. T and I would like to go, but this is the weekend we have to get organized to leave for Hawaii on Monday morning. The service is at 3pm, so if we get enough done earlier then we may be able to go. If not I will email our condolences to the address in the obit. I feel bad about that though. T only met Brenda in Junior High but I was friends with her for 10 years. We did see her shortly after we got married in 95. Brenda still lived in Nanaimo, but was in Richmond visiting her sister so she came over for drinks. We had a great laugh talking over old times.

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