Friday, May 04, 2007

Bare Toes party layout

Our nephew Brady graduated from Summerland Secondary School in 2005. T's sis had a big family bash to celebrate that and of course Canada Day. Sue called it "The Bare Toes Party" so naturally we all had to lay on the grass with our toes in the air for a photo op!
The oval photo in the middle unfortunately got a bit of camera flash on it when I took the picture of the layout. It is 4 chickens with cans of beer up inside them on Phil's BBQ.
I am the woman in the red top with a beer in her hand. Next to me is Phil, T's brother-in-law. The other 2 photos are of my son with his big cousins Joel, Lynsi ( brother and sister of Brady ) and Sonya ( daughter of T's other sister ).

You are putting us to shame here girl!

Call me and let me know what time sunday we get Angus ... when you have a free moment from you artistic tallents.
So beautiful - I wish I had your patience to make them beautiful like that.
just stoppping in:)
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