Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A child-hood friend is gone.

I got an email yesterday from Suzy Snapper who is on comittee for our 20th Grad Reunion. She has been trying to get hold of a bunch of people and she just found out that Brenda had died on April 9th. Suzy put the obit on the reunion message board and it just said that she died after a long illness.

While we were in elementary school, Brenda lived in the house behind ours. I used to climb the fence to go play at her house. We had many sleep-overs. Our dads would yack over the fence. Her older sister was my baby-sitter for a while. I have fond memories of endless board games at her kitchen table.

We were friends in Junior High too, but her family moved a few blocks away when we were in Grade 9. Brenda didn't actually graduate with our class in Grade 12. Her family moved to Nanaimo part-way through the year. Suzy wanted to get in touch with her to invite her to the reunion anyway.

My mom ran into her mom a few times several years ago. Mom and Dad lived in a townhouse complex in Richmond from 1998 to 2003. During that time Mr. and Mrs. B. lived in the same neighbourhood and would see each other from time to time. Mrs. B. told my mom that Brenda had moved to Alberta. That was the last I heard of her. She was living in Canmore at the time of her death.

There is a service this Sat. in Abbotsford. T and I would like to go, but this is the weekend we have to get organized to leave for Hawaii on Monday morning. The service is at 3pm, so if we get enough done earlier then we may be able to go. If not I will email our condolences to the address in the obit. I feel bad about that though. T only met Brenda in Junior High but I was friends with her for 10 years. We did see her shortly after we got married in 95. Brenda still lived in Nanaimo, but was in Richmond visiting her sister so she came over for drinks. We had a great laugh talking over old times.

{{{hug}}} I'm sorry to hear about your friend...
As the days go past, I get even sadder. Frustrated that I didn't get in touch with her to at least let her know she wasn't forgotten!

I have so many sweet memories of her too. How excited she was when her niece was born, for example. This morning, I look at her photo from the Gr. 9 yearbook and thought I might post that on the website. I know she didn't have a Gr. 12 photo but that's ok, we all knew she was there.

If you do happen to figure out a way to go to the service, let me know will ya? I am debating between going and sending flowers.
Hi Kelley,

I was on the McNair Grad 1988 website and did a brief stop at the 1987 website where I learned that Brenda had passed away. I saw your grad entry which listed your blog information and that led me to here. I feel so sad that this happened just a couple of months ago and I didn’t know. I lost touch with Brenda not too long after they moved from Seafield Crescent. I remember all of us playing in her backyard, “Coloured Eggs, Mother May I, Go, Go Stop, What Time is it Mr, Wolf".,..it doesn’t seem that long ago. I just wanted to touch base with you and say that I share your sadness regarding the loss of a childhood friend. Tracey Torrance :)
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