Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Cross stitch pic this time.

I was working on Angel of the Sea for a while before we went away. Just after I got back I finished up a few more minutes of work to get her to the 200 hour mark.

200 hours is kind of a rough estimate though since I don't use a stopwatch to time myself. It works good enough for me though.

The design is almost to the bottom in the very centre. I was mainly working on that area of waves and the bottom of her dress. When I pick her up again I have to finish off some white on the bird ( left side of dress ) and the work on the surrounding waves. I figure I have another 50 hours or so of work. Then I have tuck in somewhere the names and birthdates of my neice and nephew.

It's beautiful - congrats on the progress.
Congratulations on your work. Ann.
It's so beautiful - so much hard work goes into that.
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