Thursday, June 23, 2005

Scrubbed, exfoliated and emulsified!

Just tried out my sample pack hostess gift from my spa party last night. Gotta love that brown sugar scrub! I am definitely getting the big jar asap.

The kids and I did our feet this afternoon with the margarita stuff. Weezer and I have done it before but Little Bro wanted to try it. He thought it was cool, but he didn't want to keep his feet in the water very long.

Now that I am soft and smooth and smell fabulous, we will see how the rest of the evening goes....

Ahhh that was lovely dahlink- thank you for such a nice night.

Too funny I am redoing my feet this eve now that I have the enzyme stuff. It makes all the difference and I want those soft tender tootsies back. :P
OH so nice! I love my brown sugar scrub! I use it for my whole body! Can you say S-M-O-O-T-H!
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