Friday, June 17, 2005

This and that

This morning's field trip to Cultus Lake was fun. Kaiser and I went with Nancy in her van while Kyra was on the bus with her class. The nature walk was cool, except for all the slugs. After our picnic lunch we had a scavenger hunt, which was partly for garbage. A fun way to get the kids to do some tidying up! However it's been pretty cool lately so no one has come to the Maple Bay picnic area and dropped: a piece of string, a popsicle stick, or a piece of newspaper. My group got the yellow flower ( buttercups all over the place ), a shiny piece of paper, a smooth white rock, a bottle cap, and a straw.

Sis came over for dinner and then we went shopping. Nice to be without children! Got Dad some BBQ utensils for him to use at the trailer. Also got a birthday gift for Bav's son who is 6 today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY B-MAN!!!!

I have been madly trying to organize a distributor list for the AQP. Since it's too hard for me to send quilts all over the country I have split it up into areas ( or sometimes just one hospital ) for others to be the delivery person. I will be doing Surrey Memorial, Royal Columbian, and Children's. Possibly Alberta Childrens by mail if neither of the Calgary members can do it. I need more members!

TTFN, more posting on Monday hopefully!

I have the kiddies goodie bags! I miss the kids, can we get together soon?
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