Saturday, June 25, 2005

New favorite restaurant.

We got a sitter for the kids this evening and tried out Jacksons over on Vedder. We had a very nice dinner at a very reasonable price. Toni had a 14 oz. rib eye and I had roast duck. My dinner was $20.88 and his was $22.88. You get soup or Caesar salad with your dinner and sourdough bread. We also had appetizers ( which you don't need or you will be too full ) and a 1/2 litre of wine. The bill was just over $85. If you didn't have wine or appies you could get a really good dinner for 2 people for around $50. Toni also got scallops with his steak for a few $$ extra. He had roast potatoes and I had roasted garlic mashed ( a big delicious mound of them ). I was expecting a duck breast but I actually got half a duck, not fancy, just perfectly roasted and falling off the bone, drizzled with a little bit of burgundy demi glace.

Andrea, you and Greg gotta come with us on date night, you'll love it!

( PS - our new sitter is just adorable and very good. I just wish she was a tiny bit older. However she's very responsible and they just live around the corner. Her mom was home, just in case. )

I'm so glad you tried the new sitter. YUMMMM, dinner sounded good minus the scallops . . . sounds a lot more affordable than La Mansione too!
Yay on the find with the new sitter. Glad that you two got a night out together. Sounds like you really enjoyed it.
We went to Greek Island. Our bill was $55! But we drank coke.

You know we have a sitter almost every saturday and are always looking for partners in crime! Call me!
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