Friday, September 09, 2005

Still no teacher....

Good grief it looks like Monday now! The school has apparantly lost more kids than we thought, and that's made it harder to put everyone into their class. It looks like we might lose a couple of teachers too.

A little background here. In the area of my daughter's school there is the former CFB Chilliwack. The portion of Permanent Married Quarters housing ( circa 1950 ) is being completely redeveloped. New houses and townhouses are going in. Many of the older houses are being moved, gutted and totally redone. Many of the families that lived in the PMQ houses have had to move as the new development of Garrison Crossing gets further underway. They were renting the houses from the Feds and most can't afford to move into the new houses. Last year the enrollment was about 450. Last Tuesday it was at 389. Now we have more like 350, because people moved and forgot to take their kid off of our list.

The school district has a policy of not placing kids in class immediately, but having them rotate through their grade's teachers throughout the day. The idea is that it is less disruptive to the students when numbers have to be changed around. I actually agree with the policy but last year Weezer got her class on Friday. She is totally fine with moving around the school so I am not worried about her at all. It's just rather frustrating to not be organized and ready to go.

I see this happening for 2 or 3 more years. There will be a period of flux as the development progresses and more people move in. In 5 years our school will probably be packed to the rafters.

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