Monday, September 19, 2005

News from Ireland, some of it not good!

I got an email from my folks in the wee hours of Monday morning ( Tuesday morning in Ireland ) and here it is copied verbatim. All of the dumb spelling is my dad's. He taught math for 36 years, not English...

"Hi guysWE are in limerick and are just about to leave for cork.we are going to the town of adare and then around the ring of kerry.Dublin was great, very interesting .Belfast had a lot of trouble going on. There was a car petrol bombed outside our hotel one night and the next morning there was a demonstration out side with 6 cop cars in full riot gear but nothing happened. Have pictures to show.Yesterday we drove from belfast to here. we stopped in galway and got photos of galway time is running down (15min for 1 euro) so will say goodbyeyou cant send anything this way as we will not be here (obviously)i will try again when we are in wales or england
dad and mom"

Dad has been playing cards and drinking right???
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