Saturday, June 30, 2007

Finally another cross stitch photo

For what is supposed to be a blog about my hobbies as well as general life, I am kind of sucking at both topics right now.

I had planned to get a few things accomplished this month but then I got busier than I thought. This Alaska sampler is now at 62 hours completed. It's getting pretty close to being done.

My sewing machine began to make a scary clunking noise so it is now being fixed. So much for getting the pillow finished that I have been working on forever. My "to finish completely" list is almost as big as my "cross stitch in progress" list.

That looks great, Kelley! I love the puffin.
I can see a polar bear!! :o) Your sampler is coming along nicely Kelley. Hope your sewing maching is fixed soon.
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