Sunday, June 10, 2007

Camping was a blast!

In spite of the rain yesterday we had a great time camping with the gang from T's office. His boss/partner R and his wife came along, but stayed at a B&B on the other side of the lake.

Far too much food was consumed of course. There are 3 Filipino coworkers who cooked up a bunch of fantastic stuff. Eva just came for the day yesterday and she made up 60 skewers of pork satay for us to have for lunch. There was a ton left over obviously so we had them for dinner too. We also had the usual chili dogs and smokies either on the fire or various bbqs.

The younger part of the group ( twenty-somethings ) made several "bucket" drinks. Literally a plastic pail like you would use for a sand castle, filled with a 26 oz. bottle of some hard liquor ( the first one was Malibu rum ), various juices and ginger-ale, Sprite, or similar. A couple of handfuls of ice, 6 or 8 straws and voila! They tried to use the plastic shovel that came with the bucket to scoop out the bottom. T went and got them a ladle instead which worked better.

The rain dried up by around dinner time yesterday so we could sit around the campfire comfortably at night. We did the usual amount of tarping to stay dry though the rest of the time. Tarp ability is a must if you camp in BC.

can you come and teach me how to tarp at the end of the month???
Tarping is a must on the East Coast as well.
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