Friday, April 01, 2005

A productive evening

My friend Lisa had her CM workshop last night. I only got one page side done, but I was very un-inspired with the pictures and I was glad to get at least those ones done. I also sorted out my paper and got my binder a bit more organized.

I am still not that inspired to do any work on my scrapbook by myself. Sometimes it's productive and sometimes it's just too boring. I think I will be stitching for a while and taking a cropping break, except for National Scrapbook Day at the end of the month.

You are all horrid women and should be ashamed to drug me like you did..... now I have the scrapping running through my body.

2 pages, oh ya 2 pages!
That was a good nights work Kelley. That was a hard set of pictures that you had to work with and it turned out fabulous.

Isn't it fun that we have managed to drag the Bavster into our sick cropping world?
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