Saturday, April 02, 2005

Weekend thoughts and activities

May Pope John Paul II rest in peace. He truly deserves it for his long life of dedicated service. I am not Catholic and I am barely Christian, but I do think he was a very decent man and I admired him.

For a more mundane change of pace... I pulled weeds in the front garden and Kyra was very helpful with digging up the lava rock. Kyle did it for 5 minutes and then fooled around in the garage with the hockey sticks. There is something viciously satisfying about yanking up weeds. It's a good way to vent some stress! I am trying a new trick to kill the weeds in between concrete segments of the driveway. I read somewhere that you pour boiling water on them. I got one application of water on some of them. When I bent down in the front hallway to plug in the kettle for application #2, my not-so-reliable right knee popped out of place for a few seconds. Ouch! The rest of the weeds will have to wait!

My father-in-law told me of another idea but you have to do it when the temperature outside is really hot. You make a mixture of dish soap, salt and vinegar and plop it on the weeds. I will have to ask him the proportions and try it in the summer.

Toni is back from the US tomorrow. Hopefully he and Dad had a productive weekend of deck-building at the trailer.

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