Monday, April 11, 2005

My new space

I am talking about not just houses here, although that’s part of it. I was thinking of this the other day. I had a moment of “hey my life is reasonably okay right now.” Naturally there is still the usual madness going on but I am not as bothered as I can sometimes be. Sometimes the being bothered is entirely my own doing and there really isn’t anything bad going on. Maybe I really am a pessimist, not an optimist, and I am only happy if I am bitching about something.

Anyway, I was thinking of where we are living right now. The house is coming along to be closer to how WE want it, not the previous owners’ concept of décor. What is up with the sanitorium-green moulding and window sills? Gardening is actually kind of fun, and my biceps are loving the whole lugging soil around project. I have joined in battle with the weeds and so far I am winning by a slight margin.

As for Chilliwack, I finally feel as if we really belong here. We’ve now lived here for 7 years and I don’t miss Richmond a bit. At first when we moved I kind of did, but not anymore. I have changed my view of the North Shore mountains to my views of Mt. Cheam and other surrounding mountains. I smell cow and horse poo instead of low tide and aviation fuel.

We have great friends here, I like my daughter’s school, and I have met some really nice ladies from the Parent Advisory Council, who have made me feel welcome. We live close enough to walk to the river, the ice rink, the rec centre, and various other places that we often run errands at. Good for my waistline!

So this is nice post for a change. Maybe next time I will find something to bitch about again.

I like it here too!
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