Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Carnival fun

10 days to go and we are looking pretty good for organization. Part of my evening was spent in phone calls, "Hello so-and-so, this is Kelley from the carnival committee, I am trying to fit all of the volunteers into the various slots we have for games and booths. Is there any thing in particular you were interested in helping out with". I talked to several nice people and left a ton of messages.

Since we are new at the school this year I am finding doing this carnival stuff a good way to meet some of the other parents, besides the ones I know because their kid is in Weezer's class.

This morning we had a fun time changing the sign out front! The work party was me, Leah, Nancy, Kim, and the principal, Mr. C. He held the ladder, Nancy passed Kim the letters to put up, Leah critiqued and went for coffee, and I made sure that Kaiser and Kim's 2 boys weren't running around the parking lot!

I am glad you are enjoying yourself so much!
Can't wait till the carnival- yippee.
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