Sunday, April 06, 2008

Royal Rotation

This is Autumn Queen at 120 hours back in the fall. Since then I have finished up the blank area of her cloak near her left elbow, and I did a bunch more of the gold/chocolate/olive overskirt near what is there already on the right side of the design.

My rotation this time will be AQ and her 3 sisters. I will do 10 hours of time on each of them. At the moment I am working on the large area of pink and mauve of her underskirt. There is also some white Wisper thread on the far left of the design near the yellow. There will be a whole bunch of it extending down the side of the design, so I am starting to work on it now. Wisper is poly/mohair and tricky to work with.


AQ must be at 140 hours.
WQ must be at 63 hours.
Summer must be at 48 hours.
Spring must be at 21 hours.

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