Friday, April 11, 2008

Glasses, health, sports, house stuff.

Yesterday we were at the eye doctor for my daughter. She has been complaining of headaches at school when they are doing work at their desks. Turns out she is far-sighted and will be getting glasses for close work, reading, etc. She picked out some rather funky frames and is quite excited about getting the glasses next week.

I have found out that I have pre-diabetes. My glucose tolerance isn't too great. I am waiting on a call from the hospital because I have to go see the dietician. In the meantime I am being careful about what I eat, laying off the booze ( darn! ) and trying to get my butt in gear a bit more. The poor dog has been walked half to death lately!

Other than those 2 realitively minor new occurances, we are all doing great. The kids are back into skating/pre-hockey for 2 months. Weezie used her own $$ to buy a used skating dress for $10. The club always recycles stuff, which is great.

Hubby bought some Rustoleum door paint or something. He needs to fix up a piece of weather-stripping around the front door. Then I need a reasonably warm day so that I can paint around the door and the new window he put in. He is all hot to get the kitchen painted soon and finish the grout. He also bought black enamel to repaint the base of the kitchen table. I feel reno/decor photo updates are coming soon!

That sucks about the pre-diabetes. But on the other hand, LOL, you could just come with me - I already have an appointment with the Dietician at our hospital for my autoimmune disease - I hadn't told you yet!

At least Kyra's excited about her glasses, not upset. Can't wait to see them on her!
Another one joins us in the glasses wearing world! I bet they'll look great on her!

Sorry to hear about the Pre-D - hopefully because you're catching it early, it will be just a change in diet and exercise that will fix it right up!
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