Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Dancing with the Stars

This is the only reality show I watch. Hubby and I got really into it last season when Helio Castroneves won, but we didn't start watching until halfway through. I am right into it now from the first show 2 weeks ago. Hubby is only casually interested this time, but he watches a little bit.

When we were first married ( almost 13 years ago ) the T and I took ballroom lessons. It was a hoot and we had a lot of fun, but we kind of sucked. He is 6ft. 2 and I am 5 ft. 3, so we looked like Penn Jillette and Kym Johnson, except I can't dance! I've always been interested in it though and I used to watch competitions on TV years ago when they were only on PBS. Now it seems there are competitions on all the time. My son and I watched a kids' competition from England on Showcase ( or maybe it was Bravo? ) a few weeks ago. He is 7 and the children looked around the age of Kaiser and his 9 year old sister. He thought it was cool!

So some thought and observations of the show:

-Len is usually the most accurate in his assessments, if not the nicest.
-Tonight either Adam or Marissa will go I think.
-Last night I voted for Shannon and Priscilla. Shannon's jive was well done and quick. She has to watch her arms and legs on fast dances though because sometimes she looks like a chicken.
Priscilla and Louis killed that tango. I never just vote for my favourite couple because I don't have one. You gotta earn my vote!

Okay, I really need to know. What on earth is a sausage kitchen?
I have not been watching this time. Sadly I must addmit I have been watching Rock of Love ...lol don't laugh too hard!
I'm casually watching to see who's doing what but not very dedicated.

I honestly thought that Shannon Elizabeth wouldn't do very well so she is impressing me and Priscilla just looks beautiful on the dance floor.
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