Thursday, January 24, 2008

A somewhat recent stitching photo.

This photo of "Above the Clouds" was taken on the 13th of January after I finished up my rotation slot. I have 75 hours of stitching done and my curious dragon is almost done. I have to finish up the remainder of his tail, and some more mountains. Then it's time to go nuts with the back stitch. That will take me a while.

I have not been posting too many stitching photos since I thought you all would have seen them before on either the 2 cross stitch bulletin boards that I frequent, or on Facebook. But not all my friends overlap on either of those places or on my blog. I only "meet" Christine and Glenda all 3 places. So from now on I am going just splash photos everywhere! Thanks to Christine and Melissa for the inspiration when I looked at your blogs yesterday.

Above the clouds is looking great! I really like that one. :)
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