Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New rotation version working out.

In the past when I made a list for changing up my current cross stitch project every once in a while ( a rotation, for those not familiar with the concept ) I made myself do at least 5 hours per project before swapping.

Below is my current list. For each slot I am choosing instead to pick a certain area of the design that I would like to finish off, rather than randomly stitching 5 hours wherever I felt the urge. So far I think I like this way better. Concentrating on one area is making things look more done. Not that I jumped all over the place when I was timing myself, I have just tightened it up a bit. I am probably working for about 5 hours still each time. Each "goal" area on each project is fairly small, so that when I finish it I usually still work on nearby stitches for a while longer. But for projects like the Alaska sampler that is incredibly boring to work on, I did my little bit and moved right to Above the Clouds. The dates that follow each project slot are the date that I finished up that goal and whatever else I was stitching on the project.


Angel of the Sea (Dec.29/07)
Autumn Queen (Jan.1/08)
bookmark (Jan. 3/8)
Angel of the Sea (Jan. 7/08)
Alaska (Jan 9/08)
Above the Clouds (Jan. 13/08)
Angel of the Sea (Jan.15/08)
Babies are Heaven Sent (Jan. 17/08)
Stroke of Midnight (Jan 21/8)
Angel of the Sea

As you can see I am almost done this round. Round #2 coming up!

Hey girl, how are ya? I think I am finally back to the blogging world...I hope. I always mean to and then I just get distracted.

And yeah the snow on Christmas was awesome. White Christmas in Seattle and up in your neck of the woods, who would have thought.
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