Sunday, December 16, 2007

Bon Jovi still rocks!

T and I were at the Garage last night ( GM Place in Vancouver ) for their first concert here. There is another one tonight. Jon is pretty hot for 48ish. And he can actually still sing, unlike a lot of people. Jon had a little remininsce about the band's previous time in Vancouver. I did know that they recorded "Slippery When Wet" here at Little Mountain Studios, but he said they also did "New Jersey" and "Keep the Faith" here. We had a lot of fun singing away. There was a late-20something girl next to me and she was singing along for most songs, but not "Runaway". She likely wasn't even born in 1982, unlike me who was 13 and in Grade 8.

Next concert: Mellencamp and Tom Cochrane at the Coliseum in Feb.

Kelley .....

WOW !!!!!

I have tickets to see them in June when they arrive in the UK !
I got my sister in law tix for Christmas for the concert in Edmonton on Dec 12th. SHE LOVED IT! They have been her favorite since she was 15 (she is now 36)she had never seen them. Needless to say she was so excited and had the time of her life.
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