Monday, November 19, 2007

Summer Queen update.

I have done a total of just over 35 hours of work on her now. I've had her on the Q-snaps for almost a week. I mostly worked on the pink and grey of her bodice, as well as filling in her right shoulder. All of the skin is stitched now until I get to her left hand ( kind of down in her lap ) and her right arm.
A few more beads went into her crown as well. I am not terribly fond of the Mill Hill beading needles. They do fit the beads perfectly, but I find them too long and awkward, as well as hard to thread. I bead with one strand of floss ( DMC 3033 in this case ) and I had to run some Thread Heaven over the end to get it through the tiny eye of the needle.

Oh wow, she's so pretty!!!
I love her hair! You seem to stitch the same as me -- finish the face/head/hair, then move on to the rest. It always feels like I'm just stitching a blob unless I do it that way. :)
Love your project..can't wait to see more.Thanks for sharing:)
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