Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Counter-top: Part2

This is 2 coats of Stone Effects, plus touch ups. The colour is called Espresso I think, and that's pretty much what it looks like. It's a warmer brown than the photo indicates. The area of counter in this photo is part between my stove and my fridge. You can see the stove area and little bit of the counter in one of the photos from the last post.

I am loving it loving it loving it!
We are doing the exact same thing with our countertops; can I ask how did you manage to get the stone effects espresso product to stay so neatly on the round over for both the front and on top of the backslash?? It looks great! Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated! mattannick@shaw.ca

looks like shit around the edges, the counter itself looks good.
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