Friday, November 16, 2007

Counter is done!

Ta da! T put the sink back in last night ( with much swearing and cursing ) but we need to wait a bit longer before the other things go back on the counter. Maybe this evening.

The flat surfaces have a nice glossy finish from the epoxy. Should be easy to keep clean. The rounded edged aren't as shiny, since the epoxy was really drippy and some came off. There are two coats of sealer under the epoxy, so the entire counter is water-proof, even some areas aren't as shiny as others.

T is planning to finish up the last few half tiles just under the cupboards this weekend, and do the grout. Most of the stuff to go back on the counter will have to wait until that is done anyway.

The counter looks awesome! Great work. I love the tiles too. It makes me wanna attack my kitchen now.
What an amazing difference changing of colors can create! T did a great job - it looks really nice.
Wow, that looks great! Love the tiled backsplash!
Wow! What a gorgeous job on the kitchen! Congrats!! 5 more years until we start our renos!! Going to wait until the kids are all in K and up!!
This is the coolest, just wondering if it has stood the test of time after a few years now. I hope so, I want to do it.
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