Sunday, August 05, 2007

Primer mostly done.

The primer is pretty much finished now. Two coats were needed to cover the navy blue. ( For previous photo check my July 2007 archives. )

Weezie's room is now a sea of white. I may still have to put some primer over the top part of the wall in various places, but it is generally okay. Tomorrow I have to sand a few areas and then everything needs a good wipe-down before I start painting the Celery Stalk on the bottom.

Hey - it's coming along nicely...pretty hot to be painting during the day right now isn't it? We did that last year - crazy as we were!!

Can't wait to see the progression
Wow! The change in colour really brightened up the room.
The room looks great Kelley! Above the Clouds is coming along nicely too :o)
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