Friday, July 27, 2007

Update of life.

A few things are going on lately:
-my sister is moving to Langley next week. I will miss her. It's an hour drive away. Right now she lives across town.
-T's dad sold his house in Richmond ( suburb of Vancouver ) for $620,000 and bought a house here in Chilliwack fro $408,000. His Richmond house was a 1500 sq. ft. bungalow/rancher built in 1956. His house here is a 1600 sq. ft. rancher built in 2005. Not a bad deal!
-Weezie's room is taken apart and she is sleeping on her mattress in her brother's room. Puttying, priming, and painting is in progress. I hope to have photos posted here eventually.

YAY! glad to hear your Dad found a place.

Can't wait to see the progress on Weezie's room - keep up the pics - it's neat to see as it comes together.
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