Thursday, July 12, 2007

A bit of piping.

This gentlemen played outside the front of the Royal Scot Hotel every couple of hours or so. He'd do a couple of tunes and then go away. If you look past him to the white sign down the block you can see Menzies Street, which crosses Quebec where the hotel is. On the other side of Menzies is the western edge of the lawn of the Provincial Legislature. We first heard the piper as we were loading our stuff into our room. Knowing how pipe music carries I figured that someone was piping on the lawn of the Legislature. A bit of local flavour for the tourists. But we went for a walk a while later and then headed back to the Days Inn across the road from the Royal Scot. The Days Inn has a Cold Beer and Wine store in it. Upon crossing the street after purchasing wine I discovered the piper. He was originally facing Quebec Street, but obligingly turned toward me as I took the photo.

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