Monday, April 23, 2007

Well they did it!

Canucks 4 Dallas 1. Next up - Ananheim on Wed.

I am shocked that they actually won tonight. After the pitiful showing of the last couple games I thought they were done. If not for Luongo making that incredible save off of Barnes and Modano's cross bar, the game would have been different.

Sometimes the hockey gods smile on you, and sometimes they don't.

( and yes Andie, Roberto is yummy! )

I didn't think Vancouver was going to make it either. I watched just a few minutes of the game and they seemed to be playing with a lot of energy, so maybe that was the difference!
Let go DUCKS;)

In all seriousness, while i hate the Canucks I am excited for my friends who are fans. I will never forget the emotional rollercoaster that was the Oielrs post season last year. I have never had so much fun watching hockey as I did last year when they made their run. While they didn't win the cup it is an experience I would not trade. So enjoy your Canucks while they are still in this thing because you just never know.
I got a thing for Goalies!
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