Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bring on the Playoffs!

Game #1 upcoming ( sorry for those that saw my pre-edit post, for some reason I thought today was Wednesday! ) with the Canucks and Dallas. Should be an interesting series. For obvious reasons I care what happens in the west. I don't give a rat's ass about the Eastern Conference, mainly because they suck. Seriously, of the 8 teams to make the playoffs in the east, only 4 had over 100 points - Buffalo, New Jersey, Ottawa and Pittsburgh. How badly do you have to play and still make the post-season? And eastern teams don't even have the crappy travel schedule!

The only Western Conference playoff team with less than a 100 points is Calgary ( big surprise ) with 96.

Since I am a Canucks fan I pretty much hate everyone else equally. It does however thrill my heart just a little bit to see the Leafs heading for the golf course. One does not grow up in the Vancouver area with an appreciation for anything beyond the Rockies, and certainly not in Ontario!

Bring on Wednesday!
:P~~~~~ LOL As a Leaf's fan, I should take offence at that I suppose. But I'm an honest Leaf's fan... they didn't deserve to get in. So... Gooooo Calgary ! :) (in my case, it's anyone BUT Ottawa LOL)
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