Friday, April 20, 2007

A booze blog entry.

I don't think I have touched on this topic yet. And no it's not any great social commentary, it's about stuff I like and don't like. ( Remember people, this blog is shallow...)

Stuff I like:

Beer - nice on a hot day. Hubby and I drink good stuff too, not Molson Canadian. I know that is very un-stereotypically Canadian of me, but it tastes like cat piss. Our breweries of choice are: Okanagan Springs, ( right here in BC baby! ), Alexander Keith's ( pride of Nova Scotia ) and sometimes Sleemans. We also like imports such as Warstiener, and Guiness ( nectar of the Gods ).

Wine - BC wine of course since it always kicks butt at all the wine competitions and it's damn good and it's not $40. Some wineries we like are: Hester Creek, Gehringer, Quail's Gate, Domaine de Chaberton, and Sumac Ridge. We also drink a lot of Australian wine. Mostly red, but I do like a nice oak-y Chardonnay.

Hard stuff - I like vodka martinis, with a big fat olive. None of those frou-frou ones. Margaritas, but just tossing back a shot of Cuervo with some salt and lime is good too. Rum with my egg nog at Christmas. Southern Comfort on the rocks. Some nice Brandy while in the hot tub. Irish whiskey ( it's in the blood ).

Stuff I don't like:

Scotch - Hubby and my dad like it. I think it tastes like old cigars.
Sweet wine - gag!
Not a big gin fan, but not too bad with plenty of tonic and lime.
Liquers that taste like fruit. Not bad but I would rather choose Bailey's or ouzo instead.

So now that you all think I am a complete lush, I will finish this off and await your comments.

Beer sucks! Pass the Vodka.
Wind is great, but Vodka is better.
Vodka is amazing anyway you can give it to me!
I have not had Southern comfort since I was 18... lol, ya that was a night and that is the reason I still have not tried it.
Brandy... no thanks. I am a Vodka girl.
Whiskey of any kind... NO! Vodka please.
Scotch is for tape that I use to hold up the sign that says "I love Vodka".
Sweet wine... don't even bother.
Gin... what is that shit. Vodka goes with everything... even lycra... that is a tall order.
Now you could chuck me a little sourpuss and I will be a happy girl. Candy apples... yummy... oh ya that is made with VODKA... my bad. TEE HEE!

So what do you think I will bring to the BBQ?
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