Wednesday, April 11, 2007

2 Canuck birthdays, and some nostalgia

Today is the 37th birthday of Trevor Linden and the 26th birthday of Alexandre Burrows. I think Trevor Linden is probably one of my favourite players. I have fond memories of him in '94. Someday #16 will no doubt hang in the rafters at GM Place.

Today before Game 1 there will be a ceremony honouring the old guys from the Canucks Cup run in '82. Guys like Darcy Rota, Harold Snepsts, Tiger Williams, Stan Smyl, and Richard Brodeur will be there. Twenty-five years ago the team made it to Game 7 and lost to the Islanders. During the series against Chicago that year Towel Power was born. I was only 13 that year but I do sort of remember it. Now Towel Power is an institution for Canuck fans.

Linden is a classy guy, I have always liked him.

Did you stay up for that marathon of a hockey game last night? We saw the second and third OT and I fell asleep at the beginning of the 4th. Remember I am 3hours ahead. crazy. Needless to say to say I was dissapointed to see Dallas lost. I feel dirty saying it but, GO STARS! If the Canucks win this series, I will be happy for Roberto and him only. He deserves this, the guy is an amazing goaltender and has never had a shot in the playoffs. So I guess....Go DALLAS and go ROBERTO! hehe
Evey I went to bed at 11. Couldn't stay awake any more. Friday's game better not be like that!
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