Friday, March 02, 2007

Time flies

Man how did 2 weeks go by? We got busy with skating carnival stuff after Kaiser's birthday and it just kind of went from there. So here are my last couple of weeks in a nutshell:

-Resident tech support ( otherwise known as Honey ) has been tranferring stuff over to our new computer that has been loaded with Vista. So far so good but only half the stuff has been moved. Stay tuned for photos of stitching once the transfer is complete.

-I am in the process of getting new glasses after about 10 years. My left eye has gotten a bit worse and my right eye is a bit better. Go figure.

-We got a new hot water tank on Wed. Tuesday night while doing dishing we discovered the lack of hot water. The new one is more energy efficient and should save us a few bucks on our gas bill

-Tonight we are getting a baby-sitter and going to the Bruins game against Vancouver. They are trying to squeek into the play-offs, but likely won't have much luck with the Giants, who are pretty good. Andie and her hubby got tickets for tonight too.

That's it! Hopefully it won't be another 2 weeks before I post again.

Holy crap have you been busy! Thank goodness we have blogs to keep up with each other!

Saturday nights game they won! So thank you for the tickets.

Greg one both his playoff games this weekend and now we play again on Saturday... if ya get board and want to come do some yelling come and join the kids and I next saturday night!!!
LOL... that should say "Greg won..."
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