Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Spank the Bolts

Canucks -5
Tampa - 1

Just finished watching the game. Yahoo for the red-hot Jeff Cowan, 2 goals tonight, his 5th in 3 games. Tampa came in cocky and got too fancy. Too many passes, only 17 shots on goal. So much for Lacavalier and St. Louis.

The Canucks leave tomorrow for Phoenix on Thurs. and San Jose on Friday. Likely Vigneault will play Sabourin for the next game and Luongo will play Friday. Wouldn't be surprised.

So Evey...will the Canucks have softened up the Bolts for Edmonton tomorrow night, or just pissed them off?

was the bra thing not funny or what... do ya think I should do that for greg. LMAO! Maybe I should hit Vallue Village and get a huge one!!!
Yeah you should! I would have loved to have seen the look on Willie Mitchell's face as he had it hanging off his stick.
The Oilers are so injured and banged up it wouldnt have mattered anyways. lol Although we did play a decent game against them.

What I loved was the other night when we basically feilded a team of rookies against the canucks and the only reason the Canucks won was because of Luongo. They would be lost without him. I hate the Canucks but I definitly thinks he derserves a shot at the MVP this year.
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