Sunday, January 14, 2007

Movie day for the M family

We did something this afternoon that we have never done as a family before; went to the movies! However the "as a family part" was somewhat conditional. Weezie and I saw "Night at the Museum". It was pretty good! Since she is 8 she can totally handle movies like that. I loved Owen Wilson as usual. The old guys ( Dick Van Dyke, etc. ) were good too. T and Kaiser saw that kids cartoon about the kid on the farm with the troll-people that live underground. It's called "Arthur and the Invisibles." It was his first movie experience and T said he loved it. Kaiser has kind of a dirty-sounding laugh when he thinks something is really funny. T said that a little girl in front of them kept turning around and looking at him.

We love taking the kids to the movies but it always costs an arm and leg to go. We all went and saw Night at the Museum and all of loved it. Even the younest sat and enjoyed it!
Chris and I went and saw this movie on Christmas day and we both loved it.
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