Monday, December 04, 2006

I love mountains.

Yesterday was just sunny enough when we drove home for Surrey for some appreciation of the local snow-coverd mountains. I include Mt. Baker as a local mountain because it is almost due south of Chilliwack and just a stone's throw across the border in Washington. We can't actually see if from here though due to other mountains in the way.

Mt. Baker is first seen in all it's glory as you are driving eastbound on Hwy. 1 through Abbotsford. As you come past the Mt. Lehman exit you are turning a slight corner. You pass under the overpass for Yale Road East and you are at the top of a rise. From there the view is almost a perfect postcard shot of the mountain. And casual visitors to the area may not know that the mountain is just our neighbour across the border. It's so damn big you can't tell.

Mt. Baker is continually visible as the highway swings north past Whatcom Road. At this point you are down in the flats and you can only see the top. It is lost to view once you reach exit 99 where the rest area is and where the highway crosses the Sumas River.

After that look to the east and you get a great view of our most famous local mountain, Mt. Cheam. It stands as a guardian over the eastern end of the Fraser Valley. It's around 7500 ft. high and is tree-covered almost to the top. In summer the bare rock at the top looks imposing. In winter with snow it looks majestic.

I find it comforting to look around in my city and see mountains. I found Calgary weird and too open! T and I were glad to see the Rockies as we got closer and closer. Perhaps I am slightly agoraphobic? I like my mountains. It's nice to feel watched over.

They are so beautiful to look at around here aren't they - i could take pictures of them for hours.
Happy New Year to you.

I love the mountains as well. I sure miss seeing them being all the way out here on east coast.
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