Sunday, October 22, 2006

Lions 23, Ti-Cats 17.

T and I went to the game at BC Place last night with his business partner and his wife. R and L are more like family friends than partners though. We have Premium tickets so we got to go to the lounge at the east end zone and have dinner.

Our seats were in row A section 15, right behind the visitors bench. There are these 2 guys that always have season tickets and they constantly heckle the visiting team. No rudeness though, that would get them thrown out. The security guards thought they were hilarious. L said that even if the game is boring the 2 guys can be counted on to be entertaining.

And to the grumpy old lady who wasn't laughing along with our section, get a life!

lol, makes for a fun time! Man it was a good weekend in sports!
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