Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Halfmoon Bay and baby.

Well Blogger chose to load my pictures weird, so here goes:
My sister had her baby girl on Friday, June 30th. I'm sure she will eventually post better photos on her blog, but this looks like one of the the princess being held by Daddy.

The top photo is one view from R's beach house deck. The house is on a cove of Halfmoon Bay. The shot is taken looking west over the neighbour's house to South Thormanby Island.

The bottom shot is slightly to the left of the first one. It looks SW to Vancouver Island in the distance. At night you can see the lights of Lanceville. The small island in the middle distance is Merry Island. It has a few houses, a lighthouse and a weather station. On Friday, Sat. Sun. and Monday evenings we saw a parade of cruise ships bound for Alaska. They would appear just pass the point at left, go behind Merry Island, and then continue north until they disappeared behind South Thormanby Island.

The photos were both taken around 8pm at approching high tide. The rock in the middle of the cove is completely covered at high tide.

Great pics Kelley! Your new niece is adorable :o)
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