Sunday, June 18, 2006

Some wonderings.

Sorry this is not the promised photo of the pie. It's not made yet. We went to my BIL Pete's 50th birthday party last night in Surrey and on our way we saw some stuff worth wondering about.

-How can ducks be so stubborn/stupid? The road we take to get to the highway is fairly rural. We had not even made it to the railway tracks when T had to stop the truck because there was a huge duck sitting in the middle of the road. We honked and it didn't even flinch. He actually had to back up a bit and go around it.

-Brides that really hate their friends/relatives. We are coming up to the Ramada Inn at the Whatcom exit and see the flashing lights of 2 cop cars in the parking area of the Convention Centre. We also see what looks to be a large orange pylon. When we get closer we see that a wedding party is milling around among the cop cars. Perhaps a fire alarm went off by mistake? Perhaps the party really got out of hand at 7pm? Then we see the bridemaids. Lovely strapless dress with fairly frilly-chiffony skirts. Top of the dress is black. Skirt is the horrid day-glo orange of traffic pylons. It could not even charitably be called peach. Even a Halloween wedding could not quite pull off that combination with a black bodice. Truly hideous!

-Beekeepers Olympics. The Honey Centre/Farm/Barn whatever-the-heck-it's-called at the corner of 176 st. and Fraser Hwy had this on their sign. This weekend is the Honey festival apparantly. I had to wonder exactly what the Games entail. All I could come up with was letting the bees loose and seeing who can run the fastest.

Comments: orange frilly skirts?? I can't even imagine.
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