Sunday, June 04, 2006

Party, party

We had a great party last night for my friend's 30th birthday. Most of us behaved ourselves and the event wound up around 1 am. My brother-in-law was hilarious. Our sound system has a mike with it. He was singing away and doing air guitar with the mike cord. A couple of people got damp in the hot tub, and one person went in fully clothed. I suppose the party could be considered a success if the guests are slightly unruly. We are all getting too old to misbehave very much any way!

I was a good girl at least. I've been up since 9 cleaning up. It's now noon and my husband hasn't surfaced from the bedroom yet...

Thank you again. Oh and just to clarify- it was actually three people that went in fully clothed and one decided to take off the clothes after the fact. Ha ha ha ha. Thanks again and again. Muah
I had a freaken blast. And your BIL was the life of the party! We all just loved him.

Thanks again for allowing us to be part of this yearly shindig!
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