Monday, May 15, 2006

So no AQP official charity for a while.

A while ago one of our AQP Canada members with a financial background looked into registering
us as a charity. Basically we will have to be a corporation with a board of directors. I am pretty sure this is how the US AQP works too. It will cost about $1000 to do this. Also we will need a lawyer to set things up properly. From Sandy's conversation with a lawyer she knows we will be looking at about $2500 at least. Then each year we will have to have a tax return prepared and filed for us.

Now this is somewhat difficult, but possibly doable in the future. Right now we are not big enough to worry about it. I did ask Sandy's opinion about at least having a bank account. I was thinking of running the AQP sort of the like the PAC for the time being. Since some of my fellow bloggers are my family and friends and are AQP members, we could have a "meeting" each month ( Timmy's anyone? ), a secretary could take minutes, etc. The bank could have record of who is elected to what office and who can sign checks.

I am pretty sure in order to do this we would have to draft a charter or something. I believe I have the AQP US's version in my folder of legal stuff. Ours could be similar.

Just some thoughts rambling through my head.

Just stopping in to say hello!
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