Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Goal and accomplishments time again.

Almost the end of May, so time for the accountability that I need regarding my projects.

Stitching - not much due to busy with school carnival. Did however finish my 5 hours on the
Alaska sampler. I also did the first afghan block of the family zodiac afghan. It was a
quick backstitch-only one.
Scrapbook- did a bit more work to finish off 2003. I got as far as Easter of 2004. That will be
Sewing - finished sashing strips around pillow and cut out ruffle. That's it for now. It will have
to be put away as we are having company on the weekend.

For June I will try to:

Stitching - finish the current round of 5 hours on Angel of the Sea, do a bit more on the
sunflower bread cloth, do 5 hours of Stretch.
Scrapbook - organize the photos I need for the portrait album I am doing. Some photos
need to be scanned. Maybe work a bit more in the family album on spring '04.
Sewing - not sure if sewing machine will be coming out. If so then I will try to get the ruffle
sewn on to the pillow front.

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