Saturday, April 01, 2006

Horatio Nelson - Buccaneer?

This happened the other day but I forgot to blog about it. On Wed. night we went out for fish and chips. There is a local restaurant run by ex-patriot Brits. The restaurant is called "Victory" after Admiral Nelson's famous ship. The decor is Union Jacks, Englis Premiere League soccer jersey's ( Portsmouth in particular ), ship models, etc. There is a model of H.M.S. Victory over the fireplace upstairs. Plastic place mats feature black and white drawings of the ship docked in Portsmouth harbour. It's now a museum and my folks toured the ship when they were in England in Sept. On the front of the menu is a photo of the Admiral's wax likeness, presumably from Madame Toussaud's.

So Kyle is like usual with the questions - "What's that boat Daddy?", Where is that?" ( place mat photo ), "Is that the same boat Mommy?", "Who is that guy"? ( the admiral on the menu ), and the most important question of all "WAS HE A PIRATE DADDY?". T and I laughed hysterically!

Poor Admiral Nelson, hero of the great Battle of Trafalgar, his statue grave and serious on top of Nelson's column in Trafalgar Square in London, reduced to a common pirate by my son. Somehow I doubt the Victory ever flew the Jolly Roger.

That is so funny! Just think of the adventures Mr K could come up with.
That's excellent! I lived in Portsmouth for many years, where The Victory is in dry dock & have visited several times. The city is really proud of its naval heritage so its great to hear that the ex-pats are still flying the flag! :o)
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